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Turismos alternativos en América Latina

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La subsecretaria de turismo, Jacqueline Plass, anunció este martes junto a la Intendenta de Aysén Pilar Cuevas, la determinación del comité de ministros de turismo de priorizar la Reserva Nacional Cerro Castillo e iniciar el proceso de concesión para proyectos turísticos en el lugar.

La Subsecretaria de Turismo, Jacqueline Plass agradeció a la comunidad por su cálido recibimiento, y junto con la Intendenta indicó “les anunciamos la priorización de la Reserva Nacional Cerro Castillo como una de las 5 áreas que el comité de ministros para el turismo ha seleccionado en Chile. Queremos trabajar junto con la comunidad en un proyecto turístico sustentable que permita desarrollar una oferta que beneficie a la comunidad, a la región y por lo tanto al país”.

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PayPal Momentum: mobile TPV to hit $10B this year

5 Aug

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A Look Back (And Ahead) At Social Media’s Impact by Andres

1 Aug

It is clear that social networks and the Internet are here to stay and compare our habits of communication, to see the world through the news … But also to do business!

Toby Daniels is the CEO and founder of Crowdcentric of Social Media Week, Which is Taking Place This Week., Tells us several important things, about how social networks have made ​​an impact in this globalized world.

For example, we all know what happened to “Wikileaks” in November 2010, and the diplomatic scandal that will still generate gender and Mr. Julian Assange, who for many is “Superman” or a hero by showing what other countries do not want to show Diplomacy in its policy, as does the United States, England and other countries of importance in the Orb. Well, good luck to Mr. Assange for his courage, a courage that is producing many problems. But this burst and was made possible thanks to social networks.

Other cases of successful communication and knowledge of journalistic Vedad, is what we see in Twitter postings, on the news, such as problems in Tunisia, Egypt and Lybia; countries very close in information, but thanks to the technology and social networks, has been able to see and experience another reality of these countries and their conflicts …. You do not need a super reporter Sony camera … Today makes your Smartphone and last but not least, thanks to YouTube, everybody knows in a couple of minutes … Incredible!!. This point leads to companies changing their style of to do news and to develop and work with social networks. The customer wants to be connected.

Perhaps one of the significant ways social media has changed our world is in how we view and react to disasters. Today, millions can bear witness to disasters and the immediate aftermath from half way around the world. When an 8.9-magnitude earthquake shook the coast of Japan in March, millions of people were able to watch the resulting tsunami in near real-time. With phone outages that followed, Twitter and Facebook became lifelines to loved ones for Japanese affected by the disaster.
So, what’s next?

The next will be How the social media fully integrated into their business models begin to take a much bigger stake in their respective markets, especially in Tourism business, but you will see in my next e-post!!!


 Andres, Patagonia-Chile.


Impact of social media on the travel industry

23 Jul
It is amazing how it has changed the world of tourism industry today thanks to social networks.     The tourism business is the second most important billion dollars business  in sales after media companies during the 2010 – 2011 according to Forbes Magazine.    And these two types of businesses are changing the world today!I remember the days of ancient times, when I was 17 years old and working at a prestigious hotel in my hometown in Chile. This hotel had everything modern that time, Telex, Fax and DDI.    To take the national or local  booking it was easy, but it was very difficult international booking, with calls being cut or simply ended the role of the fax!

Today, we are in a new era of communications (internet) and the client of tourism has changed, the customer not only wants to see a web page with nice photos. Today he wants to interact with your local travel agent or local guide, want to see videos (youTube or Vimeo), have some posting to Twitter or Facebook or just comment and show your pictures and experiences on WordPress or Blogger.   Today, tourism and hotel companies have understood the need for this new client and created new business strategies and marketing through solciales networks.

Four Pillars Hotels in the UK, is one of the hundreds of companies worldwide that are using this platform and deliver information importarcia, maintaining contact with current and future customers.


The world is changing and the E-tourism as well, making this business is today more open to everyone in the world and not just for some …

More>: http://www.tnooz.com/2012/07/02/news/impact-of-social-media-on-the-travel-industry-infographic/

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