Chile, fastest growing iOS & Android markets by active devices in Latinamerica

28 Aug analysis firm, famous for making predictions of trends in technology, has delivered a new report on the adoption of devices with iOS and Android systems worldwide.

Within the first places with this type of device does not vary with respect to other years. First is the United States with 165 million units followed by China with 128 million phones. The list continues with the UK, Japan and South Korea in the top five.

Meanwhile, the market for growth China leads the list. China has had an increase of nearly 400% over the years, similar to the annual phenomenon occurred in Russia and Brazil in July 2012.

However, the second in terms of market growth has caught the market analysts. In this study the second fastest growing  have Chile what having a growth rate of 279%, which according to research firm measures should to innovation in the country as Startup Chile and economic growth of between 5 years to 6%. This translates to a lot of Chilean social stratum medium to medium low, are having more and better affordable situation and therefore can buy these computers are more accessible than those developed by Apple.

But because so much about Chile surprised. Our country a decade ago showing figures coming very attractive and competitive level in Latin America, and it is no surprise that our country is very attractive for large economies, resulting in more development opportunities for the local population. For example, in the latest study by the firm of USA, has again placed our country in second place behind Brazil to be a very good market for companies in the Retail, check the link:

Moreover, in the last study of market facilitation, according to The World Economic Forum, Chile ranks No. 14, after Germany. Far behind its Latin American peers Uruguay (40), Costa Rica (43), Brazil (84) and Argentina (96). Check the link:

Other firms related to the analysis of consumer technology including IDC Latin America, said the expectations in our country are high and the numbers should continue to grow. For example, most of the tablets sold during 2011 in our country had an operating system Android. These figures have attracted the attention of Google executives who could submit higher bids in this new market and thus more Chileans enjoy global technology.



See full  inform here:





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